Guardsman Protection

Guardsman® Protection

Protect Your New Furniture with Guardsman® Protection

Remove a little bit of stress from your life by having Guardsman® Protection safeguard your furniture. Worry less, relax comfortably more.

Then, when something happens to your furniture, pull out your plan and give us a call so we can figure out how to help. Coverage, limitations and exclusions vary by plan, but many common problems can be resolved by our expert furniture repair technicians.

Examples of stains we can clean:

  • ✓ Food and beverage
  • ✓ Household
  • ✓ Ink
  • ✓ Cosmetics: lipstick, nail polish, etc.
  • ✓ Biological (pet and human)

Examples of damage we can repair:

  • ✓ Rips, cuts, tears, burns and punctures in most leathers and fabrics
  • ✓ Burns, heat marks, water rings, scratches and gouges on wood
  • ✓ Springs, frames, certain mechanisms
Spilled wine

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